A Revolutionary World's Biggest Tablet, which can be used as a Smart TV and also as a Touch (Less) Enabler for any of the screens like Projectors, Monitors, PC/Mac/Linux Desktops & Laptops.

Ultra High Definition Screen Resolutions from 4K till 8K with screen display ranging from 15" till a massive 85".

Gesture Recognition including Face detection, hands, fingers are exposed using SDKs for any Android developer to create games & other applications.


Sleek, Modern, Trendy Devices

Consumers love to have devices that are trendy, slim and advanced concept devices. Even if they are a little more pricey, customers don't mind paying, if the product is worth it.

Keeping that in mind, We have created ever more slimmer, advanced Tablets & TVs with resolutions starting from 1080p and going ultra-high-definition modes upto 8K

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